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The Amazing Shrinking Candle Wax...

YOU'LL LOVE THIS! I thought that the only way to get rid of candle wax was to melt it (and what a mess that makes) - until now. If you place a candle holder in the freezer briefly, the leftover wax will "shrink" and slide right out of the holder! Of course take care that you don't place a candle holder in the freezer that might get forgotten or "burried" by frozen foods and risk breaking the holder!


I Have a Silk "Ficus" (Fig) Tree...

And found that if I take my favorite dryer sheet (the kind you use instead of fabric softener) that I could shine the leaves, AND leave an anti-static behind! In a dusty house this is invaluable. I used to dread cleaning my silk plants. Now I can take a few minutes to perform this task with a smile, knowing that I am leaving a much easier task for next time...and there is a wonderful fragrance left behind from rubbing the dryer sheet on all the leaves!


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